What Do Shower Filters Do

What Do Shower Filters Do

Shower filters are becoming popular with homeowners. A good number of households now carry this due to the filtration advantages it brings. It is fact that public water systems make use of chlorine to kill harmful organisms in the water.

However, research has also shown that despite being a relatively safe substance, chlorine has disadvantages that can harm your health. What do shower filters do to such contaminants then? The device filters them out so users can get clean, filtered and unadulterated water.

We all have taken in chlorinated water and inhaled gases coming from tap water and showers. Chlorine is inhaled usually from the steam caused by warm showers and this can be said about the other chemicals that are utilized in treating it. Furthermore whenever we take showers, our pores open up and this lets the skin completely take in any item that lingers in the air or the water.

Chlorine has no taste and it has a distinct smell but it is there to clean the water that you drink. Its byproducts though are always talked about due to research saying it leads to an in increased risk of heart conditions and even allergic reactions. Certain cancers are also linked to the absorption of chlorine-treated water.

What do shower filters do to get rid of chlorine then?

What do shower filters do to get rid of chlorine then? These filters come with activated carbon which comes from coal or processed charcoal. The absorption takes place on the activated carbon and as the water passes throughout the filter, molecules from chlorine get caught within it and thus users can finally avail of clean, untainted water.

This type of filter is utilized in a good number of households today and this is believed to be a great example of a non-toxic germ solution. It is also one of the simplest and most user-friendly in terms of filtration systems.

If you have respiratory conditions, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by the device since you won’t have to deal with the fumes that get produced by vaporized chlorine anymore while you shower. Apart from the carbon filter, another medium used by shower filters is the KDF which is composed of copper zinc alloy. It works by catching chlorine ions and transforms them into zinc chloride.

These effective filters can also minimize the presence of foul odors, dust, and rust in the water and leave them smelling clean and fresh. For a more uniform filtration on both sides of the filter, you can make use of reversible filters too.

Frequent showers using chlorinated water not only leads to health conditions, it can also make your skin and hair dryer and unmanageable. Hence if you want to maintain hair, skin and body health, it is wise that you invest in quality shower filters. If you live in an older home, there might be some lead pipes which gets in contact with the water supply.

Even in cases where the home is new, the water from the main sources might still include lead. One way to guarantee the presence of lead is to have the water tested. Lots of shower filters are not able to strain out metals though.

So if you want this particular feature, do check the available filters and look for one that has this capability. Check out filters that include ion exchange together with carbon block and sub-micron filter. Whenever the ion exchange takes away the metals, it softens the water and makes it cleaner.

A good shower filter that comes with abilities to take away damaging carcinogenic chemicals is also a must. Inhaling steam during a shower using unfiltered, chlorinated water can be harmful and those chemicals can get into your skin and then your body. No one wants that.

You can have a healthier body plus well-maintained skin and hair by using a filter for the showerhead. It is important that you take care of you and your family’s health and welfare first. Doctor and hospital visits plus medicines can be very expensive so make sure to have something at home that will further protect you and your family from everyday contaminants that put your health at risk. A quality shower filter is not a luxury but a crucial item in the fight against water contamination.

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