Shower Filter Comparison

Shower Filter Comparison

There are different kinds of water filtration systems that homeowners invest in for their households. Of course, you are familiar with the faucet water filter, which is used in lots of kitchens. You can also use a sole shower filter in the bath or to guarantee overall water filtration, a whole house filter. In this article, we are going to talk about whole house and shower filter comparison and how to choose between the two.

The shower filter is a device that is installed in bathrooms and it strains water for the shower. Quality models are capable of cleaning the water and getting rid of contaminants and other sorts of harmful substances that users can absorb. Quality water filters should include several features so they can be deemed as quality products. They should be capable of getting rid of chlorine and foul odors.

The item must also be equipped with a cartridge that can clean water to at least a rate of 98 percent. Most quality shower filters have cartridges that function well for 6-12 months based on the quality of water and the regularity of use. You can find portable shower filters too which are a snap to install and user-friendly. Apart from ridding chlorine, it can also take away fluoride off of the water.

Whole House Water Filters: A Shower Filter Comparison

Now whole house water filters are deemed by many as a convenient form of straining water clean since it provides limitless availability of unadulterated water anywhere you go in the house. If you live in a sizable home, having water filtrating systems located at specific spots in the house only can be bothersome since you are required to go to those areas each time you need it.

Having a whole house filter at home is advantageous if you have elderly folks at home or people who are sick and are not that mobile. This convenience is a factor that many homeowners have discovered before investing on whole house filters.

Furthermore, if you have kids in the house, it can be challenging to keep track of the water they drink. You have to be with them at all times in order to ensure that they are drinking safe, potable water. Your child’s health won’t be put at risk with a whole house filter since it is installed to provide clean, pure water for all sources inside your home.

Now if you have difficulty deciding between a shower filter and a whole house filter, here are some tips that you can take up so making decisions will be easier for you. First, you have to take into consideration whether you own the house or are renting it. Installing a whole house filter means it will involve the help of a professional.

If you are a renter, you have to seek the permission of the landlord or landlady first before you get the whole system installed in the house. Installation for this kind of filter system involves big changes to the water circulation and the plumbing of the house so landlords are hesitant when it comes to this issue. You also need to mull over any damage or liability that can take place in case the installation went amiss and the plumbing system of the house gets damaged.

Shower filters are easier to install and it will not require any professional help. You can do it by yourself as long as you have the tools and carried on with the instructions from the manufacturer. Mounting a shower filter will not change the house’s plumbing and it will not require permission from the landlady or landlord.

Next in our whole house and shower filter comparisons are the prices or expenses involved in those items. Mounting a whole house filter can be an expensive deal since it engages technical help from a skilled plumber. This type of filter has a larger capacity compared to a shower filter and the cartridges that it makes use of are costlier as well. To compare the price of mounting a shower filter, you can do the whole procedure yourself so it means lower expenses for you—you won’t need to enlist the help of a professional.

To conclude, shower filters are a better choice for individuals who want the advantages of water filtration systems but at a lower cost and minimal effort. Having one means you won’t have to seek professional help and ask for the permission of the landlord just to have it installed. Whole house filters are more recommended for homeowners instead of renters—homeowners have more leeway since they own the house and are more familiar with the water source systems located all over.

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