ProPur ProMax Shower Filter Review

ProPur ProMax Shower Filter Review

We have to take good care of our skin because this particular body part is responsible for covering and containing our entire body. Unlike other organs, any skin condition is pretty noticeable that is why we have to give it absolute TLC. One way to maintain the suppleness and smoothness of our skin and hair is through the use of shower filters.

Chlorine is a great solution for microbes lurking in our drinking water however constant exposure to it can actually damage our skin and hair. Chlorine is not also kind to bleached hair and certain respiratory conditions. Hence using a shower filter will help keep our skin, hair, and lungs in optimal health. One such example of this product is the ProPur ProMax Shower Filter with Shower Head.

Features of ProPur ProMax Shower Filter

  • Can get rid of over 200 substances and impurities from chlorine down to lead
  • Gets rid of foul odors, dirt, and sediment
  • Controls presence of algae and bacteria
  • Includes environment-friendly 2.5 GPM massage shower head
  • Includes 9 jet turbo massage spray head with a number of adjustments
  • Can be installed within minutes
  • Can be used minus shower head
  • Reduces dryness and flakiness of skin
  • Minimizes fading of color-treated hair
  • Gives great headroom
  • Comes with BPA-free, natural color ABS plastic housing
  • Backed by 1-year warranty on housing and 9-month warranty on filter cartridge
  • Weighs 1.6 lbs.
  • Made in the USA


We all need a shower filter at home like the ProPur ProMax. What we constantly do on our hair can have an effect on its overall health however the presence of chlorine can aggravate current issues. Chlorine can dry out hair and harm its protective layer. It can also allow faster fading in case you have color-treated hair. Furthermore, combining chlorine and warm water in the shower can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dry, scaly or flaky skin. There are also individuals who are sensitive to chlorine and using a shower filter will help ease the situation.

The Propur Promax is a lab-tested shower filter and it comes with a 4-stage filtration setup that takes away and decreases amounts of over 200 risky contaminants from chlorine, THMs down to lead. You can avail of this product’s functions to maintain smooth, supple skin and lustrous hair. It will also help prevent toxic chlorine fumes from getting into your lungs due to the steam as you shower. Unadulterated water for the shower means you can spend a bit more time on it too.

The device comes with a regular 1/2 inch pipe thread that suits the majority of US, Canada, and worldwide shower arms. It can be installed within minutes and the process will not require you to use tools of any kind. It can be used until 9 months before mounting in a replacement cartridge.

To install the unit, first you have to unscrew the current shower head from the fitting. Put on Teflon or plumber’s tape to the fitting’s pipe threads and fasten the connector of the shower filter to the fitting. Prior to fastening the shower head, you have to switch the water on and off for a few times to get rid of any fine black sediment on the filtration medium. These darker particles will disintegrate within initial minutes of use. Following the first few days of use, it will disappear completely.

It also comes with other options like a chrome filter and shower head in regular style or the wand style. You cannot purchase the filter minus the shower head though however you can take away the shower head and change it to your existing shower head in case you prefer it that way. It is pretty easy to install and replacing the filter does not require complicated steps as well. You can get the replacement filters from the company themselves. Lastly, it does give great water flow compared to other types of shower filters.


One disadvantage of the product is that it can provide loads of water pressure. You can solve this by first decreasing the quantity of water circulating into the showerhead coming from the faucets. Adjust the showerhead and manually hold one segment of the showerhead while turning the other. You will notice that the blast of water will be changed into a gentle, more rain-like shower. Another drawback of the unit is that it can be a bit leaky at times.


There are no questions—the ProPur ProMax Shower Filter with Shower Head does its job of removing contaminants from the water significantly. It will help enhance the quality of your shower water and at the same time, treat your skin, hair, and lungs kindly and guarantee that it will be in optimal condition at all times. If you have to get a shower filter for its capacity to get rid of impurities, get the one with the quality. This one has it in spades.

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