New Wave Shower Filter Review

New Wave Shower Filter Review

We are not really mindful of the water that comes out of our showers. Water supplies are often treated with chlorine in order to get rid of harmful bacteria and microbes and make the water ready for drinking. However constant exposure to it through daily showers can have an adverse effect on the health of our skin, hair, and lungs. Chlorine can dry out skin and hair plus even lead to faster fading of color-treated hair.

Chlorine vapors present in the steam while showering can also affect people with respiratory conditions. Hence using a shower filter can be beneficial for your health. There are lots of shower filters available these days and if you want easier selections, you can go for reviews. Read this review of the New Wave Enviro Shower Filter with Free Aromatherapy Diffuser Ring and see if it’s a product that will suit your home.

Features of New Wave Enviro Shower Filter

  • Comes with aromatherapy ring
  • Can enhance skin and hair scalp plus maintain smoothness and manageability
  • Can fit standard showers without using tools or specific plumbing methods
  • Can last for a year of frequent usage
  • Replacement cartridges readily available
  • Prevents individuals from inhaling chlorine vapors and absorbing chlorine into skin


Showering is a frequent activity so it is crucial that you have clean, unadulterated water. Chlorine is very beneficial for drinking water however longtime exposure to it by means of everyday showers can be detrimental to your health. The skin and hair get dry and the vapors produced during hot showers can also aggravate allergic or respiratory conditions. This is the reason why shower filters like the New Wave Shower Filter were designed.

Chlorine is very effective when it comes to killing germs however once it reacts with sweat, dirt, skin debris and hair in water, it produces certain byproducts like THMs (trihalomethanes). One kind of THM is chloroform and they are considered to be carcinogenic. Water that is treated with chlorine plus its byproducts is unstable and it can vaporize quickly in the air.

Because of this, we often inhale or take in those contaminants by means of our skin while taking a bath or a shower. You might shrug and say that we only get small, insignificant amounts of those contaminants however just add up all of the times you take a shower or bath every year and the toxic buildup in your body will not look that insignificant anymore.

Furthermore, the body can take in more contaminants during a shower compared to drinking full glasses of water. In case you are fond of showering every day, the least you can do to keep your body in optimal health is to invest in a shower filter like this New Wave Shower Filter model.

By ridding the water of chlorine and other sorts of contaminants, the Enviro will be able to maintain good hair and skin for its users throughout every use. The model is a quality shower filtration system that is snapped up by lots of customers due to its improved probiotic features and ability to maintain smoother, manageable hair and supple skin. Folks with color-treated hair will benefit greatly from the features of this shower filter since by eliminating chlorine, they will have lustrously-colored hair longer with a smooth and silky texture.

The filtering system comes with an aromatherapy diffuser rings with no extra expenses. These diffuser rings contain a scent that is selected by the user and mounts all over the external part of the filter’s housing. The added aromatherapy feature of this product is a great supplement since it takes showering to the next level.

You get rid of impurities and at the same time, have a relaxing, fragrant shower that can ease stress, tension and instantly rejuvenate. This is like a spa experience only it’s held in your own bathroom. The steam and the heat coming from the shower water will heat up the aroma or scent for an authentic spa experience with each shower.

The product installs easily and performed very well when it comes to reducing the amount of chlorine and contaminants. The price is well worth it and it can last for a whole year as well. By taking away the chlorine, you will experience having water that is quite silky to the touch, and that means hair and skin that behaves well too. Quality product worth the initial investment.


One disadvantage of using this product is that it can be hard to take the canister apart so the new filter can be positioned inside it. You have to be really careful handling those things because it can crack.


For a more fragrant and healthier journey to the shower, make sure to have New Wave Enviro Shower Filter with Free Aromatherapy Diffuser Ring on hand. This is a great shower filter because it has excellent features from the aroma ring down to its top notch capability to take away chlorine and all related impurities present in your shower water. It can be installed easily as well, with no added fuss. Recommended for its nice features and good quality.

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