JUNYU 8-Stage High Output Shower Filter Review

JUNYU 8-Stage High Output Shower Filter Review

Those who have been researching about shower filters for a while will know that there are tons of chemicals and compounds added to the water to treat it. These additions help make water safe for use, despite the pollution Mother Nature is suffering right now. Not all of them may be good for you, but they effectively neutralize and convert toxic materials, so no one can really argue with their usefulness.

But aside from these cleaning agents, did you also know that some locales also add chemicals and compounds in efforts to help people’s health? Some regions actually add fluoride to the public water supply in hopes of reducing the cases of tooth decay.

However, water fluoridation is a controversial topic. While it has been proven to reduce cavities in children, it doesn’t have the same effects in adults. Lots of experts are also worried about overexposure to the substance. As tap water is also used for bathing and other activities, it’s hard to monitor just how much fluoride a person absorbs through the treated water. Some even suspect that it caused the increased cases of hypothyroidism in the US.

If fluoride is one of the many concerns you have in your tap water, opting for a thorough and “heavy duty” shower filter that can also handle fluoride is essential. This is where the JUNYU 8-Stage High Output Shower Filter comes in.

This shower filter is designed to thoroughly clean your shower water of various impurities, chemicals, compounds, and additives. With its eight-stage filtration system, it can really do so much more than what its competitors promise.

Another great reason why you should give the JUNYU 8-Stage High Output Shower Filter a shot is its affordability. Lots of fluoride filters are very expensive, some even sport three-digit price tags. This Junyu product, however, comes at an affordable price, which makes it extra attractive for practical homeowners who want to put their safety first.

Features of JUNYU 8-Stage High Output Shower Filter

Interested in what this product has to offer? Here are its features that might just help you decide whether it’s the right pick for you:

Multi-Stage Filtration System (8-in-1)

The biggest draw of this product is its 8-stage filtration system. By using these methods, it can guarantee that you’ll enjoy high-quality water:

PP Cotton and High-Density Stainless Steel Mesh

These filtration materials are used on both ends of the filter. They are designed to strain out debris and sizable impurities in the water, preventing it from getting to you and clogging your shower head.

KDF 55

The actual chemical filtration process starts with the KDF 55 media. It’s formulated to remove heavy metals and neutralize chlorine to make it safer. It’s also popular for its antibacterial properties, effectively preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Some folks also appreciate it for its ability to help remove limescale.

Anionic Ceramic Balls

Often used for purifying drinking water, the media used for this filtration stage effectively removes odors. This makes it an essential addition to those with serious water quality problems as the odor is often a telltale sign that the water is not safe for use.

Active Carbon

While this stage is pretty basic, it’s still deemed as one of the most effective, so it’s still widely used in many multi-stage filtration products. Activated carbon is very useful in water purification as it removes VOCs, sediments, and chlorine effectively from the water.

Calcium Sulfite

Deemed as 100 times more effective in removing chlorine from water, calcium sulfate comes in  handy in dealing with residual contaminants in your shower water.

Universal Measurements

Like other inline shower filters, this product will also easily match the measurements of standard pipes and bathroom fixtures.

Durable Plastic with Chrome Finish Body

Promising durability without the risk of rusting, this Junyu product is made of heavy duty plastic but with a chrome finish so it can blend in well in most bathrooms.


  • Filters shower water thoroughly
  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to install
  • Plumber’s tape included in the package for easier setup
  • Won’t look distracting in your bathroom
  • Won’t affect the water pressure
  • Affordable replacement filter cartridges
  • Easy to maintain
  • Won’t clog
  • Can remove up to 50% fluoride in the water


  • Can alter shower head height


While water treatment is an essential government service most countries around the globe enjoy, you might still want to take extra steps to ensure that the water you use at home is harmless. With so many additives and chemicals used to clean the water, some are bound to be delivered right through your shower pipes and they might hurt you.

With the JUNYU 8-Stage High Output Shower Filter, however, you can easily filter out all of the harmful ingredients in your shower water without a fuss. Its thorough performance may just meet your requirements and give you the best results, so why not give it a shot?

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