Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System Review

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System Review

Lots of people struggle with their appearances. Often times it’s their skin and hair that really needs improvement. If you’ve been struggling with blemished, dry, itchy, and just overall problematic skin as well as frizzy and unmanageable hair, it’s possible that you’ve already tried dozens of different products to address the issue to no avail.

Before you run out of hope, however, you might want to consider one last thing before giving up. In some cases, these problems are actually caused by your shower water. Shower filters like the Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System can help out.

You might be wondering how your shower water can create such a mess. A good answer to this is the fact that there are different water treatment methods used to make tap water safe to use. Different locales use various chemicals and additives to clean the water, depending mostly on the contaminants present in the water.

As some places have specific contaminants, they might use a unique agent to counteract the presence of the impurity to treat the water. Such contaminants can strip your skin of its natural oils and prevent it from absorbing moisture. These can easily affect the glow, look, texture, and health of your hair and skin.

In some cases, it can also be because the water is considered “hard”. This is often the problem with water from deep wells as they’re exposed to high amounts of minerals found in the ground. Not only can hard water leave mineral deposits in items that are a nuisance to clean, but also cause adverse reactions to your skin. It can clog pores, but it can also dry out and irritate your skin. It can also lessen the potency and effectivity of soaps and other products.

By filtering your shower water, you can get rid of the chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants that are often found in public water supply. The Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Filter is a great option to get this done, however, due to its specialized design.

As its name suggests, this product is primarily marketed towards those who want to improve their looks and overall skin and hair health by using clean water to wash up. As treated water contains lots of harmful impurities and compounds, it can definitely be the very reason why lots of folks struggle with acne, irritations, as well as dry and flaky skin. It can be the very reason why your hair is untameable, so if such a small home addition can do the trick, why not give it a shot, right?

Equipped with a patented, two-stage filtration system, the Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System promises to transform regular contaminants-filled tap water to clean, pH-balanced water that can be compared to natural spring water. It can help improve your skin and hair, making both softer, smoother, and healthier. It can also help make your hair color last longer as well as give your locks some luster.

Features of Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System

Curious about how the Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System works? Its features might help explain things better for you:

2-Stage Filtration System

Like other up-flow shower filters, this product also uses a two-stage filtration system involving these methods:


Known as the pretreatment step, this is where up to 91% of the chlorine is removed by what they call the oxidation process.


Using granulated activated carbon with ion exchange, this step gets rid of the contaminants in tap water. This includes residual chlorine, heavy metals, VOCs, and organic compounds. It also employs an “ion exchange mechanism” that replaces heavy metals with potassium ions that balance the pH levels in the water. This helps purify the shower water and makes it almost as clean as natural spring water.

Upflow Design

The canister filter cartridge may seem a bit bulky, but the design offers more filtration media, longer water contact, and lower chances of clogging, making a good case for this shower filter design.

Replaceable Filter Cartridge

Like other shower filters, this product also requires cartridge replacement every 3-6 months depending on how frequent its use is.


  • Promises to soften hair and skin
  • Helps improve hair and skin health
  • Can make your hair color last longer
  • Tall folks can opt for handheld shower heads for higher vertical clearance
  • Doesn’t affect water pressure
  • Can be used with other shower heads
  • Long lasting filter cartridge
  • Suitable for homes with hard water


  • Slightly expensive
  • Filtration process is not technically detailed


You might not expect the water you use to clean yourself can be the very thing that’s hurting you, but in many cases, it’s actually the culprit why you’re suffering from various skin and hair problems. Luckily, with products like the Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System, you can take a different approach to solving such woes. Making your skin clearer and your hair healthier might just be a matter of better water quality. If you’ve already spent a fortune on skin and hair care products, you really have nothing to lose to give this product a shot.

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