How to Install a Shower Filter

How to Install a Shower Filter

For most homeowners, adding stuff into their home may not exactly seem enticing. If it requires professional service, it can be something worth skipping. If this is your primary worry about shower filters, fret not. Lots of shower filters today are designed for DIY installation so you don’t have to spend extra. As long as you’re pretty handy with a wrench or pliers, you can install one on your own.

Tips on How to Install a Shower Filter

To further convince you that installing a shower filter is easy, we’ve listed down everything you need to know about the task.

Three Things You Need to Know About Water Filter Installation

Most shower filters available in the market today are perfectly easy to install.

Again, as mentioned above, lots of shower filters sold on the market today are very easy to install. You’ll only need to handle a pair of pliers or wrench at most, so you don’t have to worry about contacting a plumber just to get it done.

However, you might still want to check the product reviews of the item you’re eyeing, just in case there are people who find it hard to put in place. You should also check with the manufacturer in advance. They might have installation instructions or guides available online that you can use to assess how easy it would be to work with their product. As not all shower filters are made equally, you might want to be a bit more thorough about this task.

Beware of leaks.

Leaks are wasteful and annoying, so you have to be very wary of it. Half of the time this is caused by user error, so you should know how to avoid it. The use of plumber’s tape can help, but if your pipes have other issues, leaks can still occur. You also have to be careful in tightening the actual shower filter, especially if the one you own is made of plastic. It might crack if it’s too tight.

Reading your product manual for precise instructions will help simplify the process.

While most shower filters are very easy to install, you should still make sure to read the instructions of the manufacturer. This will ensure that you’re taking the right steps and you’re not missing something. Again, not all filters are the same, so there can be certain particularities in your unit and you need to know about that to avoid damaging it.

How to Install an In-Line Shower Filter

To install an in-line shower filter, these are the general steps you need to follow:

  1. Grab a wrench or pliers, bucket, and some plumber’s tape. These are three of the most basic things you need to install your new shower filter.
  2. Grab the tool and detach the shower head from the piping.
  3. Wrap the tape around the shower pipe’s male threads. Make sure to cover everything as this will help add sealing to protect against leaks.
  4. Put the shower filter on the taped up pipe and turn it by hand to fasten it in place. Remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey. Avoid using a tool to tighten a plastic shower filter to avoid tightening it too much. You might, however, need to use a pair of pliers if the filter has a securing nut. Just be careful not to tighten it too much.
  5. Grab a bucket and place it underneath the filter head.
  6. Flush the shower filter by turning the cold water knob and letting the water run through. The bucket should catch the water. Don’t worry if the water is discolored as this is caused by the filtering media in the filter. This is normal and is an important step in readying the filter for use.
  7. Continue flushing by turning the hot water knob on.
  8. Wait until the water runs clear then turn it off.
  9. Place the shower head at the end of the water filter and attach it by hand. Make sure it’s locked in place, but not too tight to avoid damaging the filter.
  10. Run the water again and check for leaks.

These steps work for both in-line and up-flow type shower filters. Make sure to get to know your filter first before attempting any of these just to be sure that you’re properly installing your shower filter. This can help prevent damaging your filter.


As you can see, installing a shower filter is very easy to do. You won’t need to pay for someone to do it for you, but if you don’t have tools around the house, you might need to borrow a pipe wrench or pliers. Those who are on the shorter side may need to find a safe and secure foot stool, though, so you can prevent any injuries from happening.