Best Vitamin C Shower Filter


Best Vitamin C Shower Filter

Do you ever get that itchy or dry feeling on your hair or skin after taking a shower. Chances are it is irritation after excessive amounts of chlorine on your skin.

Some people are extremely tolerant of chlorine and are not effected from the problems that chlorine on skin can cause, others however are extremely prone.

Common effects can by dry skin and hair and in certain people, especially those with sensitive skin, acne breakouts.

Today at GreatBathAndShowers we are going to be reviewing on of the best vitamin c shower filters currently on the market.



This vitamin c shower filter is manufactured by Sonaki Luxury Shower systems which are an extremely well respected and known brand in the states.

It comes in at a fantastic price point of slightly bellow seventy five bucks.

This awesome filter comes in a aesthetically pleasing chrome casing which features two chrome nuts that will fit onto the shower rail or hose then directly onto the shower head. As always when adding extra filters to a shower it is advisable to use a plumbing sealant or plumbers taps to avoid any leaking from the metal joints.

The actual filter is extremely simple to remove with just a ‘nut’ which will detach the casing and will allow you to swap over the vitamin c filter cartridge.

As an additional extra, this filter comes with an extra three vitamin c filter cartridges which are estimated to last around two months each with moderate to heavy usage. With more conservative use each cartridge will last around three months.

The additional cartridges will allow this product an extra six to nine months of use before more will have to be ordered. Do not worry though, you will not have to replace the unit when ordering more cartridges. Extras will cost around twenty five dollars per three. If you used dollar cost averaging to determine usage against price this would come out pretty cheap.

The vitamin c shower filter claims you use one hundred percent pharmaceutical grade vitamin c s the declorinating products and claims that the filter removes ninety nine percent of chlorine and additives. This is fantastic if you live in a majorly hard water area.


After reviewing the product we came to the conclusion that it is really high quality. One of our favourite points was the weight of the unit. Even with the cartridges in we found it to be extremely light and did not cause the shower hose to go limp of kink any pipes.

We liked that the remaining water left in the vitamin c filtration chamber automatically drained once you have finished using your shower which will avoid any stagnant water building up in the chamber. This is great as some consumers use certain showers very infrequently and stagnant water can cause problems.

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