Best Shower Head For Low Water Pressure



Best Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

Low mains and tank pressure can wreck havoc on your standard of living when trying to have a great shower. Some people love a power shower, and some prefer a slightly less pressured experience. However, it is nice to be able to have that choice.

At GreatBathAndShowers we think that every body should be able to enjoy a great shower so we writing to describe the options that you have when living in a property that suffers with low water pressures. We will go through the quick and easy more temporary fixes, the more costly but more permanent options and we will also review what is (in our opinion) the best shower head for low water pressure.

Why do you have low water pressure?

Before looking for ways to fix low water pressure it is extremely important to find the source of the lack of pressure in your shower. This means finding wether the shower is tank fed, or mains fed.

Tank fed means that there will be a large water tank in your attic usually stationed above the shower or in the vicinity with a 15mm pipe coming through to your bathroom.

Mains fed means there is no tank and the water to your shower is coming from the internal stop tap in your property.

It is important to determine wether the low water pressure is just at your shower, or at all of the other water draw off points in your property.

If it is at all of the draw off points in your property it is more than likely that the incoming mains is undersized. Check the diameter of the pipe and the age of when the pipe was installed. In some cases, the mains itself may not be undersized, but the rest of the pipe work inside your home could be limes scaled up or badly installed.

If your are not one hundred percent sure the best thing you can do is contact a local plumber. They will usually work to try and find a more permenant solution. Which could include a new cylinder or maybe installing a shower water pump.


Check the shower filter?

A great way to temporary way to improve your shower pressure will be to check the shower filters.

To do this you will need to isolate your shower. If it is an electric shower you will only need to isolate the cold, if you have a mixer shower you will need to isolate both the hot and cold. A good plumber will have installed isolation points, if there are non you may need to isolate from the mains.

Using a spanner undo the ‘nuts’ keeping the shower in place and check the filters that will usually be in the valve connections.

In most cases these are severely lime scaled up and will be adding to the low shower pressure. If possible clean them out by blowing down them or by running under a tap. If they will not unblock take the washers to a local plumbers merchant and they will issue you with a replacement pair. You should not have to pay over two dollars for these.

Purchase a shower head for low water pressure?

Another extremely cheap way to improve your showing experience will be to purchase a shower head specially made to accommodate households with low pressures.

In most cases these will not be the most aesthetically pleasing heads due to their smaller size however, these will be great for improving the pressure.


This fantastic head can be purchased from Amazon  at an extremely good price point of around $5o.00. Just click the image to be directed to Amazon.

The shower head has been especially made for low water pressure and comes in a fantastic looking chrome finish.

We found that the variety of different spay settings that this shower head offered were great and it offers surprisingly good value for money.

Installation is also extremely simple. All you will have to do is detach your existing head and wind the new one on. It is usually advisable to add plumbers tape while installing to avoid any weeping from metal on metal threads.

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