Are Shower Filters Necessary

Are Shower Filters Necessary

The demand for shower filters have increased due to the benefits and protection it brings. These days, people have realized the values of showering minus the chemicals that lurk even in treated water supplies. These filters aim to take away organic chemicals out of the water which can be damaging to our health, skin, and hair.

One of the most common substances out of them is chlorine. Are shower filters necessary then? Of course, they are because apart from chlorine, plenty of shower filters have other capabilities that can fully reduce the amount of varying substances in our water supply.

Are shower filters necessary then?

Shower filters are fastened straight to the shower pipe prior to the showerhead and it takes away all contaminants during use. The water that passes throughout the pipeline to the faucet carries out a 2-step procedure before it comes to the outlet. The first step involves removal of chlorine and pH balance restoration in the water. This is achieved by means of a medium like for example, copper or zinc. During the second step, the water goes through a carbon medium that takes away other types of organic elements.

Let us talk about these mediums that shower filters often make use of. These mediums are items contained inside the filters which do the job of straining the water. These are the most-used kinds.

GAC (granular active carbon)

This is the standard filter medium because it is affordable to make and it has excellent straining capabilities. It is ultra-porous which means just one gram of the stuff has a surface area which surpasses 500 m squared thus making it effective for straining out contaminants. This medium is created by means of generating charcoal from coal and wood, however, modern methods involve getting GAC from carbon-rich materials like coconut husks and nutshells.

GAC is not only utilized to filter water, it can also strain out other kinds of substances too like chemicals, oils, and gases. Plenty of multiple stage filters has at least a layer of GAC to use for filtration procedures. It is also widely used by health organizations, water treatment plants, and governments. It is considered an excellent natural filter, can take away chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, radon, herbicides, pesticides, organic compounds down to foul odors and tastes.

However, if used by themselves, this kind of filter medium requires quick replacements since it gets clogged up rather fast and will eventually stop working. It takes time to strain out as well plus at extremely high temperatures, the GAC can get tripped out of the filter.

KDF ( kinetic degradation fluxion)

This kind of medium has a gold color and is patented by a company called the KDF Fluid Treatment Inc., which is established in the US. It first came about in the 60s and has since been used and recognized by government agencies due to its capability to destroy bacteria and all sorts of microbes. It is created by means of a process that combines copper and zinc. This

It is created by means of a process that combines copper and zinc. This procedure in turn leads to the production of a sand-like substance with gold hues that produce electrochemical reactions whenever water goes through it.

This reaction transforms the chemical composition of the harmful chemicals and microorganisms in the water into more non-threatening substances. This effect also makes heavy metals in the water stick to the surface of the KDF hence taking them away from the water itself. Furthermore, if this medium was used together with other filter mediums like the GAC, it can lengthen the lifespan of the latter.

So are shower filters necessary? Yes if they have this excellent medium like the KDF. It does have some drawbacks though; due to the fact that the KDF is a patented product, it can get pretty expensive compared to other mediums.

Vitamin C

One of the newest methods to filter out water is to make use of vitamin C. This kind of filter medium though is only used in shower filters. It is not used in industrial water filters and it has not been given certification by government agencies or any scientific institution to offer appropriate water filtering requirements.

Vitamin C operates to neutralize the presence of chlorine in the water. Whenever chlorine gets to this specific vitamin, it reacts and changes into a more benign substance. It has quick reaction time which is why it is also used as a filter medium.

However, vitamin C can be unstable as soon as it gets exposed to the water solution within a day or two. It can only take away chlorine and leaves out other substances in the water. Most importantly, vitamin C has yet to be tested and approved by legitimate agencies.

We can see from all those mediums mentioned that the best mediums for shower filters are the GAC and the KDF. If used in conjunction, the KDF can even expand the service of the GAC. So are shower filters necessary? Yes, they are as long as you make use of quality, best products with excellent filter mediums like the ones mentioned in this article.

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